Stop on our way to go camping at Banks lake. Very good pizza nothing out of the box type of pizza. Good enough to have us stop on our way back five days later. One good way to know if a place has good food is if local Law enforcement eat there, and they were there both times. (Cory Wagner)

We drove 40 miles out of our way just because we wanted pizza this place was not a disappointment pizza was fresh homemade great stop if your in the area. (Paul Murdock)

One of our family’s favorites. Not the place for fancy pizzas, but a good place for old fashioned pizza. Also, not the spot for date night. Think of the place everyone agrees on for a post-soccer game celebration. Its not pretentious and is good at what it is. (Google User)

Pizza rocks…the best vegetarian pizza ever!, The owner is awesome…gave us a free dessert pizza for kiddo’s bday!, Best family pizza place around (Google User)

The best pizza ever! I have loved everything that I’ve tried on the menu. This is a really fun place to be and the owner is really nice. They have really great service and food. I’ll give them 5 stars+++++ (Sandy Cheeks)